Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bam Baby!

I had the pleasure of graduating about a week and a half ago. It was a great weekend. I had friends/family/future family/fiance all here in the same place. It was wonderful to see all of my favorite people together and enjoying each other's company. Also, excuse to get dressy!

Today was my last day with New York State Library Development. My student assistant job ends once you graduate so there were three of us leaving this semester. It was so nice to hear everyone wishing us well.

It was strange thinking about my graduation - last exam ever! last paper ever! last group presentation ever! no more classes? boo
As hard as school can be, I love an interesting, well taught class. I'll miss class discussion and learning from practicing school librarians.

I received many lovely cards for graduation and my last day at work - last cards with hats that have tassels!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Right Stuff

My graduation looms! I seriously cannot believe that I'll be done with grad school and have a masters degree in less than a month. It makes me a little sad. I'll miss my classes and my nice little downtown campus. I won't miss the pointless assignments that I sometimes got, although those were def outnumbered by the useful assignments grad school offered. I really liked learning about libraries, so mostly I'll miss that.

To witness my awesome graduation I have my parents, Anna, Rachel, Thuan, and Brian all visiting. Albany will be hoping! Hopefully I can juggle everyone and keep them entertained.

My last spring break as a student finishes up this week. I spent it dog-sitting (what else?). The dog was pretty nice but did throw up at 2 am. I played catch with him a couple time in the yard. The next day I realized it must have been years since I last threw a ball repeatedly since my arm was really sore.

The best part of dog-sitting is the cable! The only channel I really miss is Bravo. I love Bravo. And Bravo doesn't put their episodes online so I have to search for sad bootlegged versions on YouTube.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch it

The month of March was full of dog-sitting. I dog, house, and teenager sat for three different families, five dogs, one bunny, and one teenager. Taking care of the teenager was by far the easiest. The dogs were all pretty good. There was only one "accident" inside a house and nobody got loose. There was a ridiculous amount of barking though. Annnnd the bunny bit me. It really hurt. I wore gloves after that when it was feeding time.

I love the side job of dog-sitting (and the cable) but it is exhausting. I was dreaming of my own bed and sleeping in. I really liked having a dog in my family but I now realize that I got the pleasure of sleeping in only because my parents got up and let the dog out.

After about ten years without wearing a watch (other than when I run) I broke down and got one.
It's a perfect teacher watch. I really don't know how I functioned without one before. I look at it all the time.

My only bridesmaid and bff Anna and I have very different taste. This has become amplified by the bridesmaid dress search. It also came to mind when I bought my watch. She recently bought a watch too which is pink with diamonds all around (I'm pretty sure hearts were on there somewhere too). I'm not worried though, since she will look slammin' in whatever she wears to the wedding.

I ran my second 5k last weekend. It was about 25 degrees outside but I felt good. I ran behind local anchor Benita Zahn for about a mile and had the good fortune to watch her leopard print scrunchie the whole time. I'm signed up for a thrid 5k at the end of April and will probably run the huge deal of the Freihofer's Run for Women at the beginning of June.

Ugh the job search continues. There really might only be a handful of jobs for me to apply for in the area. So basically I feel like this all the time:

Dear god just retire, pretty please?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

He can't swim!

Winter keeps slogging along here in upstate New York. We had 50-60 degree weather for about 3 days last week and it was a total tease. When the cold came back it felt like a slap in the face. I'm so sick of running on a treadmill in my apartment's sad excuse for a "workout" room. More like a smelly closet with three machines and a tv. Let me outside winter weather!

I'm on a lovely winter break this week from both my master and my elementary school internship (these breaks were nonexistent in MI, I have no idea why). I did a solo week last week at my internship so the break was very much a welcome one. The solo week went well, although I did feel like I was running to keep up a couple times. It feels like the students there are getting used to me and off I go soon (I'm done there next week). Next I will concur middle schoolers.

The break isn't a huge break on the work level. I'm using the pause in homework to catch up on my resume, cover letter, portfolio, online portfolio, LinkedIn account, getting fingerprinted, and going to the dentist. It's been very productive so far.

Brian visited last weekend which was fun as usual. It's good to see him since we def won't see each other next month. I'll be dog/house sitting the whole month for three different families. I met one of the dogs this week, a very friendly Portugese water dog. I feel closer to the Obama's already.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Old School Stuff

I'm in the last weeks of my first student teaching post. I'll be really sad to leave. The school librarian I'm working with is awesome and the library aid is really nice. I'll be sad not to see them every week. Being in an elementary school has changed my outlook on my ideal job. I always thought I would be happiest in a high school library but now I think I might prefer an elementary school. It makes me ridiculously happy to help students find books on what they want: karate, scary stories, chickens, robots, Shiloh, etc. It's pretty great.

I call Brian by his last name all the time. I'm now realizing that I might need to take that down a notch since when we get hitched it will be my name too. Gotta say, I'm a little sad to see my last name go. My initials now are so nice plus they are the same backwards or forwards.

I just started training for another 5k. I have a really hard time committing to running regularly unless there is an end goal to work towards. I think this training will be much easier that the last time since I can actually run for more than 5 minutes now.